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February 2, 2013

You Are Real -- All Parts


  1. I have been trying to understand the different versions you have available, and pick one.

    The December post is called New Adult Body V2.

    The newer February post is called You Are Real V1.5.

    My understanding is that a sim can have 1 body texture (neck down), chosen in the Skin Tone option; and 1 face texture (not sure where this is chosen).

    So do we have to choose between the January body and December body? Or is it possible to use both?

    Also, why does it recommend using Navetsea skin? Wouldn't that replace this one? Sorry to ask but can't figure it out on my own.

    1. Did you read the Important Parts in my article?

    2. I read everything on the pages of each post. I just don't understand everything about this.

      I spent 2 hours swapping different packages in my game and launching and relaunching, taking screenshots to compare afterwords, and I finally understand it now.

      There are meshes (physical shapes) + skins (images wrapped around the meshes) + a layer I don't have a name for.

      That third layer is what these New Adult Body and You Are Real affect. I learned that you can use 1 of each. Also, that the third layer needs to be used as a default in order to be paired with a non-default skin.

      I hope that other people who aren't experts at modding see this and it speeds up their decision making process.

    3. Good that you have learned this.
      The next you should learn is what the difference of diffuse map, specular map, normal map and bump map. It's easy to find the definition on the web.
      Sometimes I feel very upset because some people even don't want to do google searching and just begging for your answer. I learned all of the 3D modeling blahblahblah by myself. Why can't other people do so?....

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