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January 9, 2013

You Are Real (Adult Version) - Part I: Male

*Body Updated to V1.5 Please re-download.*
Details strength adjusted. New abdominal muscle. New keratin face. Adam's apple added.

This project is to give your SIMs more real 3D details on their skin by modifying the normal map.
This project added....
Fingers, hands, toes details
Small wrinkles on joints
Vessels on arms (High muscle definition)
Keratin on body
Revised keratin face project (Keratin face project will also be merged into this project totally)

Connected between face and body

Revised face keratin (v1.2~)

Tongue (face v1.4~)

Adam's apple (v1.5~)

Hand and foot details (v1.4~)

Muscle definition (from left, 0, 0.5 ,1) (EA's Ab)

New Abdominal Muscle (v1.4~)

Body keratin

Revised Muscle obliquus internus abdominis (elongated)

New Penis Details (v1.4~)
(Skin for exhibition: Navetsea Model)

Download from Google Driver
(Choose only one body)

For High-Spec user (Texture size 2048, Texture Detail High and SIM Detail Veryhigh)

Male Face v1.4

Nipples position is Navetsea skin compatible
Male Body v1.5 New Abdominal / Nipples + Penis

Male Body v1.5 EA Abdominal / Nipples + Penis

Penis only version is recommended for multi-skin or other skins users
Male Body v1.5 New Abdominal / Penis Only

Male Body v1.5 EA Abdominal / Penis Only

For Low-Spec user (Texture size 1024, Texture Detail Med and SIM Detail High, keratin and some detail will be blurred)

Male Face v1.4, 1024

Nipples position is Navetsea skin compatible
Male Body v1.5 New Abdominal / Nipples + Penis, 1024

Male Body v1.5 EA Abdominal / Nipples + Penis, 1024

Penis only version is recommended for multi-skin or other skins users
Male Body v1.5 New Abdominal / Penis Only, 1024

Male Body v1.5 EA Abdominal / Penis Only, 1024

Get Barbie version here (Who needs a barbie version.....)

*Remember to delete my Abdominal Muscle V1 ~ V3.
**Remember to delete my Adult Body Normal Map V1 ~ V2.
***Remember to delete my old Keratin Face Project files.
****You need to set in game Texture Detail and SIM Detail as mentioned AT LEAST for best representation. HQ is NOT needed for 2048 texture.
*****Use Cmar's newest Skininator to repack your old skin if it does not support muscle definition.  (Tutorial not provided)

And here you can find...
Male morphable penis by Cmar
Navetsea Skins

!!!!And you need to know!!!!
This is a default-skin replacement and not!
It only contains the skin normal maps, and almost all other default and non-default skintones only contain diffuse and specular maps. So they DON'T conflict each other. And you will see this 3D effects on almost every newly packed skin.

This is a default replacement mod.
Replacing the following normal maps...
_IMG ymFace_n_0x598325880b644f6f
_IMG amFace_n_0x6f853f0e35157e27
_IMG emFace_n_0x7edd5d417bc66683
_IMG amBody_n_0x4DB46D1662895FC0
_IMG amBodyCutness_n_0xA28B589500895C8F 


  1. OOh so excited to see this. So i am going to download this and see what it looks like. The vein look so real, very nice work. Thank you.

  2. Fantastic work, I appreciate your work as always..

  3. Awesome <3 And you are right, who needs barbie versions? lol.

  4. Everything looks good but the penis. like the actual penis looks good but it doesn't look like it even connects to the sim the way it should... amazing work as always though!

    1. Oops... there's no way for it due to the mesh design.
      Connecting penis to body will cause lots of downstream works to do..... So just ignore it. lol

    2. como hacer para que el pene se para en los sim 3 , cuando tienen sexo no entra en la vagina y en la mano de la mujer no coninciden y tampoco en la boca, aque se deve

    3. No descargaste el morphing penis. Esto solo es la piel que se muestra, el mod que permite que funcione está agregado como morphing penis y lo tienes que descargar por separado.

  5. hi, i would like to know if have to delete the abdominal muscle because i like it for the other skins i have, i mean can i have the Male Body 2048 Penis Only without deleting the abdominal muscle replacement?

    1. Yes, you have to delete it. They will conflict each other because they use the same texture "body_Cutness_n". This one also contains my abdominal muscle V3. However, I will not support abdominal muscle V1 and V2 anymore.

  6. I was in search of a new skin and you came right in time! This is just fantastic!! I can't wait to see it in game! Thank you sooo much for this :D

  7. I can't wait to try this out in game!! I've been wanting something exactly like this (well...almost...but close enough!). Thanks for sharing and I will try to keep checking back for the non default and the female version!

  8. This is amazing! I'm putting this to my game right now! Thanks so much!

  9. i dont have to delete the version of male penis details that you posted on december?

    1. Yes! You have to delete it.
      I have written it in the second line of IMPORTANT.

  10. impressive work Buhudain :), I guess I should link this up to my blog instead of the V2 :)

    1. Thanks~
      Part III will be for children. Well.....don't give too much difference though because the keratin strength is very low.
      I am still wondering if I should pack them as default and non-default skin.... because the file size and skin variation are too big and too much....
      By the way... You can link to the page that I will create tomorrow.

    2. http://mahamudosim3.blogspot.tw/2013/01/you-are-real-skin-normal-map-revision.html

    3. Buhudain, I have tried it in game, and they look great, not to strong but it makes the sims 3 graphic belong to our current era of gaming, BTW about the female version, I wonder if it is possible to make the under breast shadow less dark to make it looks great with petite female with flat chest, I already make my texture light but somehow another texture, maybe the normal or specular or diffuse I don't know which one has dark shadow on that part so I still can't make good looking flat chested female sim. I tried to follow your guide and edited all 3 maps from your V2 set, but it doesn't really make major impact in game there are still some shadow mark under the boobies no matter what, I wonder if you know how to do it properly.

    4. Specular do not effect this significantly. It just control the reflection of light. And I have tried.... The normal map, yes, it just let the breast looked deeper. So it may not looked flat on a petite female. But this one is somehow.....Well...a little annoying because of the muscle normal map.....
      Guess I got to make an update or another female version... XD

      See this picture...
      In the upper one I cleared the normal map around the breast.
      Lower part is EA original (afbody_n).

    5. I'll take it a consideration.....

    6. But for me~~~ I think the best way is to control the lighting direction.
      (Hey you're lazy buhudain XD

    7. Revised. I think this one works better now.

    8. he he, sorry there, thanks Buhudain, its time for loli type simmie then! :D

    9. has been linked :) to my skin page, you make awesome normal map Buhudain, thanks again

  11. These are amazingly beautiful and detailed! Thank you so much :) They look perfect on Navetsea's skins. I've been playing with his Saskia Sarasvati sim, and she looks great. Now to find her a newly enhanced male sim companion. I'm sure she'll appreciate the new details too ;)

  12. Awesome!! I totally love the first one but will gladly replace it with this newer version!! When I first saw it on one of my sims I couldn't stop just looking at him...so realistic and the arms...omg...you captured them perfectly!! Thanks so much for sharing this and I will, with your permission, love to post your banner on my site. I am the Administrator/Owner for Cstyles Sims 3 Forum.

    1. Thank you.
      Feel free to post and link it. Everyone can do it freely.

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  15. Where do I place this? I placed it in my mods folder but it doesn't show up in my game :s please help?

  16. hello, i know which one I should download, im using the ephemera skin but i want to download that wont conflict to the skin i prefer body and abdominal+penis what should I download in the selection below?

  17. I really love this mod ♥
    But now it suddenly doesn't show up anymore :/ Well, time to clean my packages again I guess ...

  18. Love your skintones, so realistic , for all us Adults !!!

  19. how do I put to my game. do I put it in mods. plz help

  20. please help the peins is not showing up on my male sims y and what am i doing wrong please help

  21. Hi! My game has update 1.63 but the default replacement is not showing in game. I already deleted the cache files but nothing happens. Sim detail is set to "very high" (2048). The non default version is working, but I want the default version since I want to use it with several non default skintones. These are the 6 files that I copy to the Mods/Packages folder:
    -Default Replacement Male Muscle Cutness V3
    -DR YRL V1.0 Child Barbie
    -DR YRL V1.4 Female Keratin Face
    -DR YRL V1.4 Male Keratin Face
    -DR YRL V1.5 Female Body V Only
    -DR YRL V1.5 Male Body P Only NewAbM
    Help please :) Thanks!

  22. I'm having issues downloading these, and I just want to know if that's just me. I see the Google drive , and a window pops with the "Download" button, but when I click it, nothing happens. Is this an issue on my end, is something wrong?

    That aside, these are beautiful. Truly beautiful. I can't even comprehend how much genius and beautiful is in this post. Day made. This made my actual day.

    1. Hi! I tried them and they work for me. What browser are you using?

    2. I'm using Mozilla Firefox and it works fine :)

    3. Sigh. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Google with their stupid social network and their excessive use of primary colors. It actually worked.

      Thank you so much! :D

  23. mi jente alluden con ese problema como hacer para que el pene se para en los sim 3 , cuando tienen sexo no entra en la vagina y en la mano de la mujer no coninciden y tampoco en la boca, aque se deve, mi mujer es una fanatica a este juego

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  25. Maan! This is better than my boyfriend! :D hahaha

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  27. The downloaded files for all your You Are Real skins have image exceptions and are not usable, the adult and the child skins for 1.5v. Not a single image file, when opened with s3pe, is showing an actual image of the skin parts, only a error message that the file has an exception. All image files are throwing errors. I so wanted to use these skins with KURASOBERINA's for realist sim creations. Please check your files in Google Drive for errors.

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