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August 2, 2012

For Skintone Creator: Tutorial of Modify the Normal Map

Since the nipple position is variable in different skintones, and I am unable to make each suitable version of them. I decided to give a tutorial for you to handle with the normal map.

I'm using photoshop in this tutorial. And I assuming you are familiar with PS.

You'll need DDS plugin for PS from Nvidia. (in the Tools part)
And EA's Normal map extracted by Cmar. (Specular Normal Skin)

Get your DDS plugin installed. Open photoshop. Open my normal map.

The normal map of EA is saved in A8L8 format. So it will show like this.

We need to handle the Alpha and Luminosity channel together.
So, just change it to RGB form.

**Important!!! Regular normal map is in RGB format, R=X, G=Y, B=Z.
  Alternative format is in A8L8, A=X and L=Y, Z is calculated by determined X and Y.***

So just copy the whole alpha channel to Red channel, replace the whole Blue channel with totally white.

Like this.
You'll find in the Red or Alpha channel (X axis), the luminosity is inverted in Left and Right.
It's correct. Don't try to change it otherwise you'll get inverted result in 3D.

Open EA's normal map in a new file and do this again and change the image size to 1024x1024.

Now you can import your skin texture to locate the nipple.
Here, I only leave the nipple and erase all other region of the skin texture.
Changed the opacity to low value so you can handle them clearly.

Becuase the RGB value around the nipple is almost the same.
You can just select the nipple normal map, copy it to new position matches the nipple in a new layer.

And remove the previous nipple with EA's normal map.
You can simply cut the chest part and paste it in the same place.

And you have the correct nipple position.

Save your PSD so you can do this easier next time.

And we have to make an A8L8 format that can be used in game.
Leave the unwanted layer invisible and flatten the image.

Copy the whole Red channel to Alpha.
Then copy the whole Green channel to Red and Blue channel.
And save file as DDS, remember to leave the Alpha Channel checked.

Save in  8.8 AL 16 bpp | alpha/luminance
This is the A8L8 format.

And now you have the revised normal map.

And here's one for Navetsea's skin (Nipple position revised)
I only made one version, Nipple and Penis Map1+2 all included.

***Important!!! Since the angle around the chest part changed not so much (Workable with female), you can do this by just editing the texture. But this is not the traditional way though.***
***You'll need a 3D meshing software like blender to bake your own normal map.***
***DDS files saved in A8L8 won't lose their details***


  1. thank you mahamudo/ buhudain (I don't know which one should I call you)!
    great tutorial and for using my skin on it, can't thank you enough for that :)

    1. Both are fine. I use them for different usage~~~.
      Feel free to pack them into your non-default skin pack if you like.
      But not the default one...it may cause some conflict issue...
      (But so far, I'm the only one made a body normal map I think.....)


  2. Thanks for the tutorial! Just wondering, is it useful to also make clothing normalmaps in A8L8 format or is it not recommended?

    1. I don't get your question very well.
      If you're asking making normal map as I wrote in this tutorial, I'm sorry but No. This is just a tutorial to tell creators how to move the nipple position to suit their skin because the chest is almost a flat plan. But for other stuff, you have to bake the normal map with 3D software. It's very difficult for us to DRAW a normal map.

      If you're asking about only the file format. I'll say...Yes! You don't really need to save them as A8L8. You can save them as DXT5 with Alpha, too. Not all normal map EA saved them in A8L8. The only thing you need to remember is, Alpha=X, Luminosity=Y, and there's no Z because game system will calculate it automatically.

    2. Thanks for your quick reply! Yes, my question was just about the file format itself and if you could also use it for clothes.

      Normally I make normalmaps for my sims clothes in DXT5 format. I was just curious if the Alpha/Luminance normalmap had a different effect, maybe I'll just try it out :)

    3. I guess the difference is that A8L8 is lossless but DXT5 losses a little details. But I found most of the normal maps EA used for object and clothes are DTX5. They only use A8L8 for SIMs. By the way, A8L8 is big..... it's an uncompressed format.