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May 3, 2012

Result of Skin Retextured with PENIS

To see the result of the penis texture,
We'll have our sexy HongChi to show us what he got~~~

We got four HongChi's clones wearing different skins.

From left to right,
1. E???????'s non-default skin, no penis texture
2. E???????'s default skin, with penis texture added
3. L????????'s non-default skin, with penis texture added
4. K?????'s non-default skin, with penis texture already

From bottom
You can see skin without penis texture just like clay made~~

From Top

At different erection state


  1. Very good. I have been using the map that came with CmarNYC penis replacement. I think map 1. Can't remember but it certainly does make a difference and i am using Navetsea new Glam skins as default.

    1. Did you download the Naughty version? It contains both map1 and map2 on the same textures. You may use my normal map replacement together to improve the appearance.

    2. Ah, so we do not need the maps that come with the penis mesh if we are using your skinmaps?

    3. Read my newest YRL article, and you will understand it clearly.

    4. Actually, your latest YRL posts do not even reference what I was asking about ;)

      It doesn't matter though; the reason I even was looking through comments is because I started having a strange skin texture issue on the naked male sim. I narrowed the problem down to outdated naked clothing meshes, so it's all good.

      Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing your next projects!

  2. I'm getting confused with all of the terms like map, texture, mesh, skin, skin-tone, etc. My main concern with this is having more than one that would conflict with each other. Is the mesh and the map (as in normal map) different things? I had HystericalParoxysm's shiney bodies and detailed face and body textures (last updated in 2009), as well as CMarNYC's penis sliders (with the map, which I don't know if it's just the map, or also the mesh unless they mean the same thing), as well as DBCAB's nude replacements (which I'm assuming are meshes), also have morgade's Real Nipples & Bigger Boobs pack. I would like some help in determining which are skins, skin-tones, meshes, maps, textures, etc., because I'm an intelligent guy but this rattles my brain sometimes, lol. I don't actually have all of these things running together yet, I recently purged my laptop and just re-installed "The Sims 3" but haven't played since like February 2012 though.

    1. I suggest you read Cmar's post well to distinguish them. It's very important to understand this.

  3. ok, so can I ask if you was to create an Adult male and an Adult Female sims what packages would you have in your folder to accomplish this? Please?
    I have Cmar's Penis Morphing package, Morphing Nipples package. what else would you suggest I get, and have in my folder, to make the female and male?