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May 3, 2012

Skin with Penis Texture

Cmar made a very good penis morphing and sliders project. Thanks a lot!
Download it Here
You need the Cmar_Penis_Slider_Script and Cmar_PenisMesh_Map.
There are two maps, but you need only one.
I use Map2 because I can only download the second skin for testing.

Some of you who may want to add penis texture to your favorite skin can follow this procedure.

You'll need
SkininatorV4.3 by Cmar

Skin containing penis mesh by TummyZa or FFDW skin by Klavix
Painting software (Photoshop etc.)

DDS plugin

Because of EA's change, you may need to insert normal map to show muscle in non-default replacement skin.
You'll need Specular Normal Skins by Cmar if you want to do this. (Same thread of Skininator)
Fixed in new version of the Skininator. Just repack older skin with new one.

Use Skininator to extract TummyZa skin or FFDW skin.
You only need the adult male skin (amBody_Dark_m.dds)

Then use Skininator to extract the skin you want to make penis texture.
Keep the skininator opened at this state so you don't need to change anything after retexture the skin file.
Open adult male skin of both in Photoshop.
And select the penis.

Copy it into the male skin you want, and stick to right-bottom as the same place of the penis one.
Here I use Darken to blend it to the same luminosity.

Save it back to DDS.
Choose DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp / interpolated alpha

Go back to Skininator.

Then Click Non-default or Default according to your skin file.

Now you finished the Penis-containing skin.

Sorry I'm not going to offer these skins unless I get permission from the creators.

(You may simply do this by S3PE if you're familiar with CC making)


  1. This interesting. I had heard of the mesh, but i never knew which skins it went with. I may have to check this out again.

    1. I've got textures using map1. But I found out map2 is easier to handle with if you want to edit some detail on the penis.

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Your directions are clear and easy to follow. For the longest time, I felt like I had very few skin choices since many are not anatomically correct. Now I have lots! :D